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Ingress (ARGMMOG)

It seems like just last month I was blogging about VRMMORPGs (virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing game) and now I’ve stumbled upon awesome ARGMMOG (augmented/alternate reality massively multiplayer online game) is available for Androids. The game is called Ingress and it requires the interaction of people from all around the world. Ingress is an innovative game that uses social networking and location technology to get people to engage more out in the open. There are two sides, called the Resistance and the Enlightened. Both want to gain control of the place with the high levels of XM, also known as exotic matter. XM can only be seen on cell phones and computers, unless of course you have eyes that can view XM in the real world [hehehhehe…. lol] (✧◑็அ◑็✧)❤. It is green blue fog that appears at certain locations across the globe at certain times. Both teams meet at the location in the real world and battle it out by shooting virtual missiles at each other. The Resistance believes that XM was brought to these locations on earth by dark alien lifeforms and the Enlightened believe that it can be used to benefit humanity and is the key to the future. The only way for the game to work is for the players to use technology and mobile apps to meet actually go to the site of XM and meet other team members while fighting with their opposing team. This game hit the streets roughly # years ago, and people are having a rather strong gravitational pull to it. I’ve given you most of the basics about this game, but I left out one key bit of information…  XM is located in “portals”. These portals are stationed in various places across the planet and they are visible through the app on your computer or phone. They are grey, blue, or green depending on who claims the portal first and receives the XM.

For more info click the pictures below for more info:

How do I play? … Good question

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Ingress & the Niantic Project.

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The Enlightened vs The Resistance

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A few days ago I had the pleasure of holding an Oculus Rift in my hands! Seeing it in person was wonderful enough, but the fact that I was allowed to put it on my face and see at another part of the world through lenses that made me fell as if I was actually there killed me. Who would’ve thought that technology would’ve developed so far as to have Oculus lenses that allow you to view an entirely different part of the world from the comfort of … Georgia Tech? (I would’ve completed the previous sentence by saying some grandiose  phrase like “….from the comfort of my humble abode”, but sadly “supply and demand” isn’t in my favor right now. Therefore, I don’t have a DK2 (Development Kit 2: Oculus Rift) at my disposal for easy access. For those of you who don’t know Oculus is working on putting the “reality” in VRMMORPG! (If you don’t speak gamer a VRMMORPG is simply a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing game). It’s only one of the best acronyms in the world, because who wouldn’t want to experience life in a VRMMORPG!!! It’s been my goal to live in a time where playing games like SAO is possible – not only in anime but also – in real life. Imagine being able to get in bed or lay down on that comfy couch you designed at Haverty’s, put on an Oculus DK2 and be mentally transported into your game. …Take a moment and let that sink in…

SAO (Sword Art Online) VRMMORPG Nerve Gear 


 21st Century VRMMORPG Nerve Gear


We are literally a few years away from basically being in SAO! Do you know how insanely intense that is going to be?!?! I can see it now… I’ll be sitting alone in my college dorm on the floor veggin’ out on my Xbox One (or whatever we have at the time) with an empty bowl of ramen on my left and cell phone on my right… Then an alert is going to pop up on my laptop and announce that the super advanced VRMMORPG headsets have been released. You can imagine the next course of events, which involve me screaming at the top of my lungs and running to the store in my oversized college sweatshirt and Nautica half calves.

In 2001 the original Xbox was released; 2003-2004 the translucent green Xbox was invented; 2005 the Xbox 360… and finally praise the Lord of all things gamer related and holy, the Xbox One was released in 2013. The fact that technology is developing this quickly is mind-boggling! We could be playing games like Sword Art Online and truly experience everything our avatars are experiencing. Granted, I don’t want to feel “everything” in the event I get shot in the chest because of friendly fire or cut in half by a Katana – depending on which game I’m playing. All good things aside… I can’t wait for the release if I haven’t already expressed that enough. My only concern is getting trapped in the game for a protracted amount of time and then being affected in the real world by some of the more gruesome events that occurred. Obviously Kayaba Akihiko isn’t going to come floating in basically announcing his grand scheme for premeditated murder…

All Hell Breaks Loose


… but if you really think about it, what’s stopping the game masters of the real world from luring us in with fancy gadgets and then using us like puppets to collect more data.


12:00am Dellusions, Acetate, and Sparkles

This is pretty much me right now  

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Currently its 12:00am, and I am surfing the interwebs looking at random youtube videos. After looking at a few “how to cosplay ” videos and clicking on the related list of videos ranging from 2 minutes to 20 minutes each I found this “DIY Fairy Glow Jars” video. Considering the fact that I haven’t slept in 26 hours and the video started with a picture of sparkly purple things the inner 5 year old in me said, “Click the sparkles!” So that’s what I did. About 42 seconds into the video my eyes wandered over to the top right hand corner and I stopped focusing on creating my own fairy glow jar. Suddenly I was pretty weirded out by her profile picture staring me down. A few more seconds had passed, meanwhile I’m still looking at the picture, and it starts to feel like she’s staring into my soul. Granted she probably isn’t going transform into her a weapon and eat my soul in an attempt to become a death scythe, but after a while anything seems possible when you’re running on very few hours of sleep and a bag of pita chips.

Oh, look at that…. I’ve got you’re soul.

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Yummmm! Delicious and nutritious.

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A couple more seconds passed by and then I heard her say something about acetate which (to my exhausted mind) sounded deadly so I tuned back in. Lo and behold, the girl was standing there holding up some acetate. As she flailed it around she kept saying acetate, acetate, acetate. Suddenly her words started merging together and all I heard was blah blah fairies, blah blah glow, blah blah acetate and it was sounding kind of like a chant. Okay, maybe it was the lack of sleep talking, but she was really starting to freak me out. Imagine some random lady coming up to you and screaming “Acetate! Acetate…. acetate!” in your face. Wouldn’t you be freaked out?

  Sprited Away: Yubabaaaaaaaaaaaa 

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Well, I guess it’s about time for you to watch the video so that one day you too can create a fairy glow jar and experience all of the excitement of having a bright colored jar in the comfort of your own home. (Yay! A neon colored jar, because I’ve always wanted one of those… (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ) <– Click my glowing fairy jar to learn all the secrets to make this masterpiece.

PS: Here’s a peak at what they should look like. For some reason they weren’t shown in the video. Maybe she didn’t want to scare off the “fairies” inside….

 Your life just got so much better… you have seen the GLOWING JARS of life.

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